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Along Came a Spider
My father once told me I was destined for greater things. Back then I thought nothing of those words, as I thought every father said that to their children. Why should his words be any different?
However those words didn't make sense until my eighteenth summer, the year I became my village’s Shepherd. Now I know that​ job doesn't sound so important, but it was necessary to our way of life.
The country of my childhood was ruled by a man who stylized himself as the Sun King. An eccentric man with the power of the long dead Helios himself. His scorching rays baked our country until there was nothing left but dirt and grass.
The only animals that were able to survive such conditions were sheep and goats. Ewes milk and goat cheese were a staple on the dinner table, while water was a rare delicacy.
By using his power over the Sun, the king burned up the rivers and dammed the ones he could not. This kept the surrounding countries in his debt, as the only water within a thousand mi
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So.... Dances with Devils is a pretty darn good anime. All I have to say is exposition the musical! 

I mean look at how they introduce the student council.

My peach colored pencil is smaller than my pinkie.... I guess I use that one a lot. 
So I finally caved. Watching One Punch Man with the roommate. We can't stop laughing, it hurts. Lol.
2 drawings inked. One being the Sonia picture of June. The other, well lets say an adorable childhood drawing. More sketching to come. 
Trade shall be done tonight, alongside a simple sketch. Some other drawings have been started! Wohoo. 


United States
I am just an average person, who happens to love size alterations of girls in converse. Either shrinking or growing I love em. Currently I have a lot of giantesses, but I will be working on some shrunken girls soon.


Which is scarier entity to encounter? If you'd like to explain, go ahead. 

20 deviants said Eldritch
13 deviants said Demonic
5 deviants said Geist
3 deviants said Lycanthrope
3 deviants said Undead


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Everyone has their choice in it, and they have that right.
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